Branch Library

Branch library books are available to borrow and return at each branch meeting.  For more information contact the Branch Librarian, Paul Roberts.

Alternatively if you would like to buy your own a couple of book sites to try are Wordery and Amazon. If you use this link you will receive a discount of 5% off all Wordery book purchases for 30 days. Then there is the specialist bee book seller Northern Bee Books.

You can help support the Lancashire and North West Beekeepers Association if you make purchases from Amazon via Amazon Smile. Amazon will make a donation of 0.5% of your purchases.

Library Books

The Honey Bee Around and About - Celia Davis

The Honey Bee Inside Out - Celia Davis

The Biology of the Honey Bee - Mark Winston

Anatomy & Dissection of the Honey Bee - Dade

Anatomy of the Honey Bee - R E Snodgrass

Honeybee Democracy - Tom Seeley

Practical Beekeeping - Clive de Bruyn

Contemporary Queen Rearing - Laidlaw

Queen Rearing & Bee Breeding - Laidlaw  & Page

Beekeeping Study Notes - 1-3 Yates
Beekeeping Study Notes - Practical - Yates
Beekeeping Study Notes 5, 6, 7, 8

Breeding Techniques and Selection for Breeding of the Honeybee - Friedrich Ruttner

Honeybees of the British Isles - Beowulf A Cooper