Equipment & Bees

Equipment & Bees

Bees and equipment for sale

Beekeeping items are also starting to appear on eBay nowadays and this does provide a convenient method of buying and selling equipment.

NB Only purchase honey extractors that are made from stainless steel or food grade plastic. Recent legislation prevents the use of tin plated or galvanised extractors on honey sold to the general public.

Equipment wanted

Members retiring or leaving beekeeping are encouraged to offer their equipment to the Branch for sale to new beekeepers. Anyone with equipment for sale is asked to contact Ray Dowson.

Bees for sale

The Branch will endeavour to supply new members with a three or five National frame colony of bees for a fixed fee. The colony may originally have been a nuclei, a captured swarm or surplus to a member's requirements. All the bees supplied by the Branch will be based on the native black bee. New Branch members should contact Ray Dowson who will coordinate supply. Bees will be supplied on a first come, first served basis and any orders for a second colony will go to the end of the priority list.

Equipment for hire

Coronavirus Update

Due to the restrictions brought in to combat the Coronavirus epidemic please do not approach the bungalow as somebody is shielding there.

The Branch has honey extraction equipment available for hire charge. Inevitably everyone wants to use the equipment at the same time, so please book an extractor as early as you can and return it on the day and time that you agree. You must ensure that the extractor you hire is returned clean and is not sticky. This is so that the next person to hire it can use it straight away, without the Branch having to clean it first.

The facility of collecting the extraction equipment from Fir Tree Farm is no longer available.

David Farmer has kindly agreed to act as the coordinator. The extractors can be collected from David at The Mushroom Farm, 85 Mill Lane, Rainford, St Helens WA11 8LN opposite the driving range. You can use this link to view the location on Google Street View

To book contact David by e-mail only at [email protected]

David will be available for collection/delivery during evenings only.

Charges for hire of extractors with immediate effect are £5 for the first 2 days and £1 per day thereafter.

The shop & cafe at Fir Tree Farm are now under new management, please do not phone the shop with any beekeeping matters.