Members of the public are welcome to come along to any of our Branch meetings though we advise you to check with the Branch Secretary that the venues, dates and times have not changed before attending.

All dates are provisional. 

Last Winter's Meetings at New Church House, Ormskirk

Tuesday 3rd October 2023 19:30- Stu Walsh from

A commercial beekeeper from Coppull, Chorley. He is a member of the Bee Farmers Association, and has over a number of out apiaries around our area.

Tuesday 7th November - Diane Drinkwater – Chair of the BBKA.

Diane, a Lancashire member, will speak about the role of the BBKA and the work that it undertakes on our behalf. The topics will include what the BBKA is doing to counter the threat of the Asian Hornet.

Tuesday 5th December - Wally Shaw – The role of Swarm Control in Beekeeping.

Wally, a long established, and well-known beekeeper from North Wales is the author of a number of books on swarming and swarm control.  Knowing Wally, this will be a practical and interesting talk

Tuesday 9th January 2024 Phil Donkersley & Jenny Roberts of Lancaster University

This is an update of a talk that Phil gave at the Lancashire Spring Convention a little while ago, which was very well received by members who attended. The talk focussed on work they are doing to encourage bumble bees to nest.

Tuesday 6th February - Lancashire Asian Hornet action plan discussion Q&A with Dave Heaton

Tuesday 5th March - Stuart Hatton – Cheshire BKA.

Stuart and his wife Pam, (who are also Thornes agents) have won multiple gold medals at RHS Tatton, with their planting for bees stand. The talk is entitled ‘Garden Planting for Bees’ This talk is timed to coincide with the new growing season.